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Welcome! We hope the following information will be helpful to you. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Event Breakdown

Come check us out at these events!

Large Groups Our biggest weekly gathering together. We usually meet in the second floor auditorium of RPCC on Friday nights at 7:15PM. Join us for dinner ahead of time at 6PM, followed by worship, learning, fellowship, and fun!
Small Groups This is the best way to get connected in a close, tight-knit community of fellow AAIVers. Guided by one or two of our amazing and friendly small group leaders, you can share life and explore God together in weekly meetings centered around a Bible study, which may be preceeded by a small group dinner. See the options and sign up here!
Social Media To keep updated on Facebook, you can follow our page here, and if you are a member of the Cornell community, join our Group here. Additionally, you may follow our Instagram and join our GroupMe!
Other We'd rather not bore you with a ridiculously long list, but there are also many other events throughout the year, including conferences, FUNdraisers, and celebrations. To keep updated with the latest events, go to our events page here.