Small Groups

Join us as we learn about who God is and get to know one another more deeply!

Our God is a personal God, and small group is one of the spaces in AAIV where you can experience God’s closeness, goodness, and unfailing love for yourself. Whether you’ve grown up in church your whole life or are just starting to question if there could be a God who has created all things, you are invited to come check out a small group! Weekly small group meetings consist of studying Scripture, sharing about our personal lives, and praying for one another. Learn more about the specific small groups listed below!

Amanda Wong (alw273)
College Town SG // TBD // TBD
Barry He (bh375) and Daniel Kim (djk274)
Central SG// TBD
Angela Guang (ag773) and Joy Wu (jw2454)
Business SG // TBD // TBD