Who We Are

Asian American InterVarsity is a Christian Fellowship at Cornell University.
We seek to share the incredible life that is found in God with those who identify with an
Asian American cultural background as well as serve the overall Cornell community. That being said,
you don't have to be Asian American or Christian to be a part of AAIV or to come to any of our events!
We'd love to meet you no matter what your background.

Asian American As followers of Jesus, we are called to go out to all the nations in order to make disciples. In this new age of a globally connected community, Cornell University is a place where indeed any person from any nation may pursue any study. As such, just as Peter preached to the Jews and Paul was sent to the Gentiles, we wish to reach those who identify culturally with Asians and Asian Americans and to provide a caring environment and community to pursue God and live life together. Even so, we welcome anyone from any walk of life to join us at any of our events.
InterVarsity We are an affiliated chapter of InterVarsity/USA, established in 1941 with over 900 chapters nationwide. The Purpose of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA is to establish and advance at colleges and universities witnessing communities of students and faculty who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord: growing in love for God, God's Word, God's people of every ethnicity and culture and God's purposes in the world. The vision of InterVarsity is to see students and faculty transformed, campuses renewed, and world changers developed. We seek to align this purpose and vision with the unique environment of Cornell.
@ Cornell Cornell University is one of the most prestigious universities in this world, with an undergraduate enrollment of over 14,000 students. Like any other university, we see daily examples of the struggles and difficulties many of the students here go through. In line with Jesus' teachings, we strive to reflect God's love by being active members in clubs and communities within Cornell, and to share life with and love everyone we come across.